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Natural Stone Restoration and Protective Coating


Natural Stone Restoration and Protective Coating


Natural stone has become very popular within homes and buildings. Marble, travertine, slate and granite requires maintenance and a high quality protective coating to keep their durability and beautiful finishes. There is a common misconception that stone does not need any maintenance. The truth is that all stone needs some type of care. What your stone needs depends on where the stone is being used in your home whether it is on floors, walls, countertops, vanities or shower walls.  


At the CP on Wairau Centre we can restore and protect your granite, marble, slate and other natural stones back to its original, elegant condition. Our professional technicians are thoroughly educated and trained in identifying and resolving problems with any type of natural stone.


Equipped with the latest technologies, our professional technicians utilise their extensive training and hands-on experience to work wonders with your natural stone.


Marble, for example, is generally a softer stone, therefore will scratch, etch, and lose its shine in the high traffic areas of your home such as your bathroom or kitchen. Granite is a beautiful and hard stone, making it a popular choice for high-wear commercial floors and kitchen countertops. But high traffic, heavy usage, and accidental damage can diminish its appearance.


Our professional technicians are trained with the most effective polishing and sanding techniques to achieve the best results. Whether sanding is required or polishing, the last step is always finishing by applying our protective coatings to enhance the colour of the stone and improve its resistance to staining and future damage. 

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