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Appliances Protective Coating


A cleaner and happier space.


Cooking meals for your family should be a joyous occasion but no one likes to deal with the hard to clean mess it can leave behind. And let's face it, stainless steel never looks stainless and white furnishings don't stay white!


Our coating fills the pores of each unique surface in your kitchen permanently! With the pores filled, food and other contaminants can’t adhere to the surface. This results in a completely sanitary surface that’s easier than ever to clean. All you'll need is water and a mild detergent to get off even the toughest of stains. The fingerprints you hate on your fridge and the nasty water marks in your sink will be no longer and your kitchen will always be easier to clean. The end result is less time spent cleaning and more time spent with family.


Coated appliances with our coatings have a rich, durable and deep gloss finish. By combining new technologies and materials, we created an unbelievable way to enhance and protect the surfaces in your kitchen - no peeling, no fading nor staining issues.


What Can be coated? Everything!


Appliances, countertops, Cabinetry, knobs, microwaves (inside and out), glass, sinks, faucets, cooktops and grates, hoods, islands, highchairs, and much much more! The most common surfaces our customers request to have coated are stainless steel, natural stones (like marble and granite) and glass.


You will no longer need to rely on heavy detergents and chemicals to keep your home clean. With an eco-friendly protective coating, your home surfaces will stay in a like-new condition for years to come.

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