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Windows/Window Frames Cleaning and Protective


At Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau, we offer an exclusive Window and Window Frame Cleaning, restoration and Protective Coating service. Our staff have been trained extensively to apply protective coatings and to professionally clean and restore surfaces - from single unit apartments to the most extravagant homes and estates.


Ceramic Pro acts as a flexible layer of micro-glass, preventing dirt and grime to stick to windows and framing. In fact, when it’s raining, the protective coating makes water bead up and remove unwanted matter as it rolls off the surface. Our coating systems are suitable to protect all types of windows from staining and window frames from UV fading!


Call our friendly staff today and discuss the solutions on getting your windows and frames coated! There is no longer a need for strong chemicals to clean these surfaces, as once coated, just simply rinse with water and wipe! 

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