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Gutters proactive coating

It's easy to overlook just how much your gutters do, to protect your home. Channeling water away might seem like a simple and routine function, but what your gutter system is really doing is finding proper drainage for rain to protect your roof, walls and even your foundation from water damage.


When gutters are working properly, we hardly notice them at all, but when they are rusted or blocked, they can be a major headache. This is why it’s important to perform routine cleaning and maintenance of your gutters, and to take preventative measures to protect your drainage system with long lasting coatings to prevent rust and corrosion.


When applied, Ceramic Pro acts as a flexible layer of micro-glass, preventing water ingression, rusting, mold and bacteria growth. By coating your gutters, your able to prolong the lifespan sufficiently and save money in maintenance and replacement costs in the future.


At CP on Wairau we are open to custom solutions for the requirements in all the different areas of your home. Ceramic Pro solutions focus on efficient project plans in the shortest possible time with optimized life cycle costing, but taking ecological health and safety aspects into account.


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