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Garage and Entry Doors Protective Coating

Ceramic Pro Protective Coatings have the capability to increase the lifespan of your Garage Doors and Entry Doors.

Ceramic Pro creates a protective layer that stands between contaminates and the original surface, providing exceptional protection and gloss retention for years to come. The coating is suitable not only to protect new doors but also can enhance the colour and appearance of your existing doors. This means your doors will transition flawlessly from the existing faded surface to a new look.


By using nano-protective coatings, your guaranteed to keep your surfaces cleaner for longer and free from contamination, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging the lifetime of your assets. With just one layer of our Ceramic Pro Protective Coating your Garage Doors or Entry Doors will be protected from damages caused by our harsh weather, ultraviolet rays and most wear and tear.


If you wish to get your doors coated, visit the Ceramic Pro Center on Wairau and discuss your project or needs.

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