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Outdoor Protective Coating


Protect your Outdoor Furniture and Patio


Every homeowner knows that the outdoor furniture and outdoor areas are easily stained and damaged by weather contaminants, temperature variations, UV rays from the sun, bird droppings, dirt and staining. By using Ceramic Pro, you can prolong the lifespan of your outdoor furniture and outdoor areas satisfactorily and save money in replacement and maintenance costs. When the coating is applied, Ceramic Pro acts as a flexible layer of micro-glass, preventing permanent staining, ageing, rust and scuffs from damaging outdoor surfaces like BBQs, stainless appliances, stone countertops, outdoor lounges and dining settings.


Ceramic Pro creates a protective layer that stands between contaminates and the original surface, providing exceptional protection and gloss retention for years to come.


Our coating systems are suitable for all types of materials and are long lasting. We provide the best products and services that add value and shine with just one layer of our Ceramic Pro Protective Coating. Your beautiful and elegant outdoors will be protected from damages caused by the harsh weather, water, ultraviolet rays and wear and tear. The hydrophobic feature of Ceramic Pro acts as a “self-cleaning effect” meaning water will bead up and roll off the surface, taking dirt and grime away leaving you with minimal maintenance and keeping the quality look and comfortable feeling for your family and your guests.


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