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Leather cleaning and protective coating


Leather Furniture Cleaning and Protective Coating


If you are looking for the best leather furniture cleaning services, you need to look no further than Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau. We know all about Leather furniture and offer Professional Cleaning (stain removal) and Protective Coating services.


We guarantee your satisfaction with all our work. You can trust us not only to properly clean your high-quality leather furniture, but to care for and protect it. Our coating features a super hydrophobic effect which enables any liquid spills to simply bead up on the surface which can be easily wipe off without affecting the leather. When leather is coated it will help to reduce the aging of leather and keep it soft while preserving the factory look and feel for years.


Stain Removal


It's better to have your leather furniture protected when it's new but if you didn't and some blemishes have already occurred... our stain removal service will help you get rid of those annoying damages within hours! We will carefully prepare and clean each part of your leather using the best equipment and bio-friendly cleaning products and will remove heavy stains and dirt even from white leather furniture.


If you would like the highest quality Leather Furniture Cleaning and Protective Coating in Auckland, you are in the right place.  Call us today or make a free non-obligation appointment and meet our trained representatives to find a solution for your needs!

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