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Tiles and Grout Protective Coating

Tile and grout can be notoriously difficult to clean, right? No matter how much you scrub or how much of that powerful household cleaner you use, it’s extremely difficult to eliminate all of the built-up dirt, bacteria, grease and grime that quickly collects and hardens within tile pores and grout lines over time.


Our professionals are trained in treatment processes and procedures that keep the integrity of your tile and grout appearance.


Our team will treat the tiles and grout to make the surfaces clean and as healthy as possible, before sealing them to create an easy maintenance surface against further soap scum, dirt and bacteria build up.


Your tiles and grout can stay in a like-new state with our special Protective Coatings. If you have recently installed or restored tiles and grout in your home, invest in a professional-grade coating now to preserve their immaculate condition for years to come.

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