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Shower glass restoration and protective coating


Have you tried everything to clean your cloudy, spotted shower glass without success? You are not alone. If you want your shower glass to look as radiant as it did the first day you saw it, professional restoration can work like a charm.


Restoration can make a budget-friendly alternative for people who are considering shower glass replacement. If you want beautiful shower glass without the frustration and costs associated with replacement work, our shower glass restoration can be a terrific choice. Our technicians have many years of experience and can restore your shower glass and bring it back to its previous immaculate perfection. You can feel fully confident in all our cleaning techniques and practices we provide. At the Ceramic Pro Centre on Wairau, we only have the finest and most dedicated professionals on our staff.


Our Process

First, we remove mineral and soap scum build up from the microscopic peaks and valleys in the glass, restoring your shower glass to ‘like new’ brilliance and clarity. We then seal and protect your shower glass with a specially formulated hydrophobic coating that creates a clear, non-stick protective surface.


The hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Pro prevent dirt and grime from ever adhering to the surface which makes for an effortless clean up.  Glass shower doors will look crystal clear for longer and those hard to scrub soap spots won't be an issue any longer. A mild soap and a cloth will be all you need to wipe away the buildup.


Contact us today for a free estimate and start enjoying a spot free, crystal clear shower glass again!

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